Amarillo 2005

Diary of Linda and my trip to Amarillo,Texas, September 2005

9/27/05 Drove 350 miles to Santa Rosa New Mexico. Checked into OK RV Park in Santa Rosa. They also had a barbecue restaurant, so we celebrated Linda’s birthday with two orders of baby backed ribs delivered to the trailer. They were excellent as we watched some new episode of Las Vegas on satellite TV.

9/28/05 Drove 175 miles to Amarillo Texas and checked into Overnite RV Park. The wind was horrible gusting 40 to 50 mph so I decided to make it a short day. This park had a WIFI so I read my email and paid some bills. We had dinner at the Big Texan Restaurant which was excellent. I had a delicious rib eye steak, green salad, and Texas beans. Linda had a Country fried steak with mashed potatoes. The restaurant had a very interest marketing gimmick advertised on signs for miles before Amarillo. They will serve you a 72 oz steak and if you can eat it in an hour it is free. If you are unable to eat it, the cost is $72. I did not take the challenge. The restaurant was a huge rustic building with western memorabilia and stuffed animals all over the place. I snapped a few photos of it.

9/29/05 Drove 250 miles to Oklahoma City and checked into Rockwell RV. Took Meghan for a run in an open field and she stopped running and would hardly even walk. I checked her paws and legs which were full of very sharp stickers. I encouraged her to walk back to the trailer where I spent a good hour removing all of the stickers. Linda warmed one week old tortilla chicken soup for dinner. Yuk yuk

Photo's by Roger Zellmer of Amarillo Texas in Septemper 2005

The Big Texan Steak Ranch advertised for 200 miles in all directions.
The Big Texan Steak Ranch advertised for 200 miles in all directions.
It was very rustic place catering to men.
Linda enjoying her salad. She had country fried steak for her main course.
The cholesterol in these huge portion deserts could kill me before my time is up
Linda only ate half her dinner. Usually when we eat out in the Midwest, the portions are so huge that we always have a 2nd meal in the trailer the next night.

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