Three Rivers Idaho 2004

Diary of Linda and my trip to Three Rivers, Idaho Lochsa and Selway Rivers in July 2004

7/9/04    Got up early and found out that my 5th wheel sewer was plugged up and would not drain.  SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED was not using the prescribed RV toilet paper.  Drove to Bretz RV for $ .79 propane fill up, a real bargain.  Also bought a pressure flexible hose nozzle cleanout device which worked like a charm to unblock that sewer.  I used Bretz RV dump station to do the deed, messy but effective.  Finally got on the road at 10:00 a.m.  We drove from Missoula on highway 12 over Lolo Pass to 3 Rivers Idaho. We checked into 3 Rivers Resort RV Park for $19 per day.  It was right on the Lochsa & Selway, grassed sites, electric, and water, but no sewer.

7/10/04 Linda laid low in camp today as I did a professional rafting trip with 3 Rivers Resort. We did the Lochsa River from Fishing Bridge to Apgar Campground a 13 mile run. The Lochsa River may have been the most exciting and the most beautiful professional river raft trip I have ever taken. The cost was $85 plus $10 tip. We left at 9:00 a.m. and returned at 4:00 p.m. receiving a nice lunch and water melon on the river. There were 5 rafts and one rescue support Cat boat. The rafts were Monravia Spider self bailing 14’, 6 man rafts of the highest quality and in excellent condition. My boat had an FBI father and son, myself, and our guide Chris who was an excellent navigator and a highly educated lad. I would highly recommend this company and this river. I am glad however that I was not on the boat that flipped in Horsetail Falls. Our boat crew rescued one of its passengers. The people swimming, all got bruised legs but none had any serious injuries. Another boat had one passenger ejected at GRIM REAPER rapids, but he was rescued immediately by the same raft. Our rescue guide was also ejected from his Cat at GRIM REAPER, but was able to rescue himself by pulling himself in with an attached oar. A guide who flips his boat has to buy the other guides a case of beer. If a guide is ejected from his boat that is ½ case of beer.

7/11/04 Linda, Meghan, and I drove from Three Rivers 18 miles, 1 hour drive up the Selway River to Selway Falls. We stopped several times to take pictures and run Meggie on some of the large sandy beaches. My favorite camp ground which will accommodate 5th wheels was O’Hara Campground up 5 miles from Three Rivers. Its in Clearwater NF and they apparently do reservations. All the sites are large and right on the river left, a beautiful sandy spot to disembark rafts. The rafting from about 15 miles upstream is perfect for my skill level at class 2 + with many stretches of flat water. The last 3 miles upstream has some class 3 + rapids. The river has a WILD AND SCENIC classification well deserved in my opinion. It would be a wonderful river for a 2 night camping float trip as there are many sandy beaches to camp on. I checked with Three Rivers Resort and they do not do shuttles or know of anyone in the area that does, so plan on your own shuttle service. If rafting the Lochsa hitchhiking is very feasible as the road has substantial amount of traffic in the summer. We had a nice picnic lunch at Boyd Creek Campground. After that we drove up the Lochsa River to Split Creek Pack Bridge. Linda, Meghan, and I hiked across the bridge and walked approximately 1.5 miles up one of the most beautiful lush green trail we have ever been on. It paralleled the Lochsa for about 1 mile and then headed south up the steep mountain into the wilderness. This country and its rivers are equal to best I have ever seen. I will definitely visit this area again with rafts in hand if I am physically able.

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