Sturgeon Bay 2004

Diary of my Salmon fishing trip on Lake Michigan near Door County

9/2/04 Drove to Sturgeon Bayin Door County and checked into Jellystone RV Park. Spent the rest of day resting, watching the US Open Tennis on TV, and exercising Maggie on the large open fields around campground.

9/3/04 We got up late and had breakfast in the trailer. We drove to nearby Potowatamie SP located right on the Sturgeon Bay channel between the peninsula. We walked a trail along the water with Maggie off leash and enjoyed the scenery allot. We then drove north to Egg Harbor in Door County looking for a fruit stand to buy cherries. We found one after some searching. We bought frozen cherries for Joanne, canned pie filling for Charlene, and dried and chocolate covered for ourselves. Door County sour cherries are the best any where. We then returned to Sturgeon Bay and had a late lunch at Scaturno’s. I had fried perch and a cherry tart which was excellent. Then we returned to Jellystone RV Park where we ran Maggie again on the large soccer field area. I watched the US Open on TV and then went to bed early so I could get up for the Salmon Charter Fishing trip at 3:00 a.m.

9/4/04 Got up at 3:00 a.m. and drove to the Quarterdeck Marina on Sturgeon Bay. The charter company had two very nice identical powered fishing boats outfitted superbly for catching large game fish. I was put on a boat with Bruce, Jeff, Neil, Brad y, a captain Andy and a deck hand John. The weather was extremely foggy about 25 yards visibility, temperature in low 60’s. Boats needed radar and marine gps system to be compliant with Coast Guard safety requirements. We got under way at 4:30 a.m. By 5:15 the deck hand had about 8 high tech rods trolling for salmon. We lost the first 3 fish that snagged the fancy lures they where using. As the sun came up we began catching fish. Apparently the salmon like to feed just as the sun comes up. It was lots of fun to reel them in. The bigger fish took more effort. The depth of the fish were between 60’ and 100’. Some times the lines were out 240’ which made it more difficult to reel in. I caught 3 fish. The 5 of us caught 12 fish total. The deck hand cleaned and filleted them all and divided the meat up 6 ways as the phantom fisherman David Allen had not come, but had paid so I brought him his share. A water balloon fight ensued as our two boats returned into the Sturgeon Bay Channel. I really enjoyed my fellow crew and the thrill of bringing in the salmon. I would definitely consider doing this fishing trip again.

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