2004 Family Photos

8/29/04 Left about 7:20 a.m. driving south arriving in Deforest Wisconsin KOA RV Park about 12:30 p.m. After setting up we drove to mother’s apartment to meet everybody for our family pictures. Charlene, Mike, Justin, Cheyenne, Brady, Mindy, John, Joanne, David, Linda, Mother, Meghan, and myself attended the photo shoot. Afterward we went to Biaggi's in Madison for a great dinner compliments of mother.

8/30/04 Spent the day resting, doing laundry, and drying out all of our camping equipment.

8/31/04 Spent the day with mother shopping at drug store, grocery store, RV store, visited Evelyn DeGroff, dropped mother off at medical office for a urine sample.

Did maintenance on trailer and the Duramax pickup. Replaced warn tire on the trailer and found that the wheel bearing lock nut was loose causing the wear. I tightened it myself. I also had the oil changed and the transmission filter changed on the Duramax. Got a haircut in Deforest for $13. Walked Meghan about 2 miles around a nearby pond. We then both went to meet Joanne at University Hospital to visit David. David is progressing as expected this point but is still not eating. After that Joanne, Linda, and I had a nice Chinese dinner at Imperial Gardens.

The whole family.
Mollie modeling her self made dress.
Mother, the thee brats, and Meggie dog who mother became immediately attached to.
The Allen family.
David & Joanne.
Roger, Linda, & Meggie.
Cheyenne, Brady, Justin, Mindy, and John.
The three kids not so young anymore.
Roger, Mother, and Meggie dog.
Mother and her two grand children Mollie & Justin.

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