Meghan 2003

11/27/2003 Meghan with her favorite and long time playmate Winston the Airedale, owned by my father-in-law. Meghan is able to pick up a tooth pick and hold it in her mouth while playing.
11/23/2003 It was a very cold night and the animals happily tolerated each other to stay warm.
11/16/2003 recently after Meghan's grooming the weather turned very cold, so we purchased this red fleece jacket for her to wear at night. Its a little baggy but in the Christmas spirit.
11/16/2003 Don't even think about eating my rice Misty Cat.
8/24/2003 Hay! good work Misty. We got a rat here.
8/24/2003 What do I do now?
8/24/2003 That rat has some sharp looking teeth!!!
8/24/2003 He can't bite me this way.
8/24/2003 I think he's finished.
8/7/2003 Meghan liked it here camping at the St Joe in Idaho, but did not get along well with Scarlet's Shih Tzu dog Bella. They twice had to be separated. Scarlet's cat Syringa also had it in for Meghan.
8/1/2003 Meghan the Irish Terrier about to pin Ryder the Standard Poodle. Yah Yah
8/1/2003 Lets play keep away says Ryder.
8/1/2003 If you won't give it to me friendly, an Irish Terriers has other ways to deal with a Standard Poodle like nipping your lower lip.

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