Colorado 2003

Diary of Linda and my trip Colorado on 5/17/2003. Linda's parents, Bill & Millie and her brother
drove separately and met us in Glenwood Springs. My personal diary follows:

Linda, Meghan, and I left for Colorado at 8:00 a.mStayed at the nice Silverton Casino KOA Campground in Las Vegas the first nightThe weather was perfect in the high 70’sHad a nice dinner in the Sunset Grill at the Silverton Casino.

5/18/03 Drove to Richfield, Utah todayRan Meghan at the local high school soccer field near the KOA RV ParkHad dinner in the 5th wheel as the Mormon’s close up all the restaurants on Sunday.

5/19/03 Drove to Glenwood Springs arriving around 3:30 p.mGot set up at Amies RV Park which has a view of the Colorado River but is noisily situated right next to I70 freewayWe reunited with the Taylor’s and all had dinner at the Village Inn.

5/20/03 Bill made breakfast sour dough pancakes, bacon, and coffeeWe all went to NONAME CREEK and walk up it to the YThe creek the water supply for Glenwood Springs was very high, fast, and roaring loudlyThe weather and scenery was beautifulWe took about 3 hours to climb and returnLinda had made ham sandwiches for lunch which we ate before the hikeMeghan enjoyed herself immensely checking out all the new smellsI was afraid to let her off leash as if she ever went into the creek she would be swept down stream to an almost certain deathLinda and I made dinner for us all at the trailer; barbecued t-bone steaks, oven backed cottage potatoes, peas, carrots, and salad.

5/21/03 Bill made omelets, ham, toast, and coffee for breakfast. Linda made sandwiches and we all drove off to Grizzly Creek Trail head where we had lunchWe then started the beautiful hike along the creek for about 1.5 milesMat, Meghan, and I continued on for about another mileMeghan had a marvelous time with all the smells and treed her first squirrelI took lots of photos with my digital camera and Mat took lots of footage with his motion camera. The columbines were beginning to bloom. We cooked barbecued chicken, asparagus, and beans for dinnerWatched the NBA playoffs and then to bed.

5/22/03 Bill made ham, eggs, and toast for breakfastWe then headed for Maroon Bells near Aspen, but found the road was closed until tomorrowWe took the Castle Creek road instead about 7 miles to Conundrum Creek Road and about 1 mile to Conundrum Trail HeadIt was a wonderful NFS trail with open meadows, snow caped mountains in the distance, mixed forest, and beautiful fast running stream adjacent to the trailOne spot had deep snow on the trail and Meghan went crazy diggingTook about 2 mile hike and returned to Glenwood Springs getting a hot fudge sundae before getting home.

5/23/03 I did a ½ day professional raft trip on the Colorado River todayWe did Shoshone to Grizzly twice which had class 4-5 rapids and was running at 50 cfs below the NFS considered safe flow rateThe rapids where 10 to 15 ‘ highThe boat was an 8 person plus guideThe water was so fast and high that the National Forest Service closed this section of the river down the next dayWe did the Shoshone twice because it was running so fastI would not even consider the upper portion with my inflatable canoeThe lower portion from Grizzly rest stop is however quite possible in my canoeOn the final run we continued down about 10 miles to the put out location at the White Water Rafting company boat ramp.

5/24/03 We drove to Trapper’s Lake todayIt was a long 3.5 hour one way beautiful drive mostly along the White River in cowboy countryWhen we got there the lake was frozen over with snow banks 3’ deep still around it. Meghan had a great time running and digging in the snowWe had our picnic lunch sandwichesWe then did a short hike to the lake fighting the snow banks and watching Meghan’s antics. The weather was broken clouds and sun pleasant in the 70’sOn the way back we were delayed about 15 minutes by a herd of cattle being driven by cowboys on horses and ATV’sAfter returning I was tired and stayed home while the rest went out for Mexican foodBill had a flat tire which they tried to changed, but Bill didn’t set the emergency brake and the car rolled and ruined the jackFortunately a passer by had a jack and helped them.

5/25/03 Matt, Linda, Meghan, and I drove to Ruedi Reservoir with the red kayak and the new blue 14’ inflatable canoeIt was a beautiful drive along Ruedi Creek a world class fly fishing streamThe mountain reservoir was one of the prettiest I have every seen with snow capped mountains, lots of streams, all set in mixed pine and Aspen forestGot the blue canoe inflated using an electric pump connected to the car batteryLinda drove us and the boats to the very nice boat rampI only paddled out a ½ mileThe boat tracked reasonably we for an inflatableIt definitely did not paddle as easily as an hard shell kayakOn the way back Meghan saw another dog on shore, got excited and fell out into the cold 42 F. waterHer little legs paddled like mad as she returned to the boatI grabbed her little life vest and pulled her back inReturned to the boat ramp and Meghan took off and fortunately Linda was near by and retrieved herThe wind kicked up and has I was tipping the boat to remove the water the wind caught it and blew it right back into the lake out of our reachWe had to walk to an shore on the opposite sit of the a bay to retrieve itMatt helped me carry it back, a very hard trek through rocks, mud, and of course up hillIt weighs 65 poundsDrove home after stopping at a 50’s diner where we all had an excellent old fashion chocolate malt.

5/26/03 Linda was tired and wanted to spend the day aloneI drove to Eagle to located potential river floating tripsThe Eagle River down stream of Eagle had some good places to raftI next visited the Upper Colorado near DotseroThe take out spot is at exit 133 off hwy 70 under the bridge even with parkingPut in spots upstream off the Colorado River Road start at about 3 miles and are numerous for the next 30 miles upstreamI stopped at the Colorado Hotel Brew Pub in Glenwood Springs on the way homeThe beer was excellent and there were several rafting river guides in there with interesting stories to be heardThey gave me several great tips about rafting, the most important“Always stay perpendicular to the waves, even if they are lateral (this requires constant maneuvering through rapids)“Avoid big rocks“If leaning is necessary, lean into to the wave (danger), which could me leaning into the bank when close to it because of the wave generated by the bank“Read the river at all times and anticipate hazards“Never get caught on a bridge piling or any large object or your boat may be pinned against it for the season”

5/27/03 We all went to Maroon Bells todayThe scenery and weather was outstandingDid a short walk around Maroon Bells Lake enjoying world class sceneryI made corn beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes for dinner.

5/28/03 Today was the maiden voyage for my inflatable Soar canoe down a river with class 2 and 3 rapidsLinda drove me to Dotsero where the Colorado turns and goes north from the confluence with the Eagle RiverWe drove up stream about 8 miles to a nice BLM put in spotIt took me over an hour to get the boat inflated and outfitted with grab lines and bow linesI tried to put on my wet suit, but broke the zipper and only used booties for the cold waterThe weather was perfect; clear with no wind, and in the high 90’sThe river was also perfect for an intermediate like meThe width was usually about 15 to 30 yards, speed about 8 mph, nice tree lined scenery in a big canyon setting, lots of green grass, both public and some private ranches along the way with a wilderness feel to itThe boat performed marvelously well taking the class 1 & 2 with virtually no chance of capsizingThe class 3 were scary at first with some 2 to 3’ dropsThe boat may have capsized if I had allowed it to go parallel with waves but the boat was very responsive and easy to maneuver for a 14’ x 40” wide craft. I was nervous at first but thoroughly enjoyed myself making the run with now problemI sure want to do all 35 miles of this run sometime in the futureLinda got a few pictures of me, but none in the rapidsI can’t wait for those rivers in Idaho.

5/29/03 Had our final breakfast in the 5th wheel with the Taylor’sDuring the 9 days that we were together at Glenwood Springs, we ate all but one meal at the 5th wheelLinda and Millie always did the dishesBill cooked breakfast, Linda did lunches, and I usually did dinnerI was the only one to practice variety in our nutritionLinda, Meghan, and I said our goodbye’s to the Taylor’s and were on the road by 8:30 a.mI think all had a good time and with no serious scrapesThe weather in Green River was an unbearable 104 FThe river flow was at 16,000 cfs up from 4,000 cfs only one month previousHope it gets cooler for Mollie and my float trip two weeks from nowWe stayed in Richfield, UT where the temperature was cooler.

5/30/03 Got up early and drove to Las Vegas where it was 100 F. We again stayed at the Silverton Casino KOA campgroundI felt lousy from the heat as my MS symptoms became exacerbatedI watched TV and slept in the 5th wheel most of the time. Did get enough energy to have an excellent meal in the new Sunset Grill Restaurant at the Casino.

5/31/03 Got up at 6:30 a.m. and took Meghan for a long walk around the camp groundHad a delicious bargain breakfast at the Sunset Grill and was on our way at 8:30 a.mWe got to the factory outlet stores in Jean at 9:30 a.m. but they didn’t open until 10:00 a.mShe Who Must be Obeyed made me wait an hour so she could go shopping for special shampoo at a low priceI guess she had a $10 coupon she wanted to use badI walked Meghan about 1.5 miles around the Casino in 98 F. heat. Got back on the road at 10:30 a.m. I again felt lousy and Linda drove all the way home from Peggy Sue’s Restaurant at BarstowWe arrived home around 4:00 p.m. to lovely relatively cool moist airIts always nice to return home after a long trip.

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