Photos WC8
Photos by Roger Zellmer of the West Coast Celebrity Cruise at San Francisco on 10/3/2013. Photos shot with a Canon 5d miii camera and a 24-105mm Canon L series lens.
Here we are in San Francisco on a city tour looking across the Golden Gate towards the city.
It was a beautiful sunny day with no fog.

Our red tour bus was easy to spot when returning to it.

Grace Cathedral Church steeple.
The church maintained a nice rose garden.
Interior was decorated for a event coming up.
A very impressive structure.
Oil painting of the great San Francisco fire.
This organ sounded almost as good as our Sprekles Organ in Balboa Park San Diego.
The city still has two of the old street cable trolley lines in operation for the tourists.
Our tour stopped in China Town for a Dim Sum lunch. It was fun but very average food.
After lunch we toured the China Town market area.
China Town SF is a bit seedy.
Every conceivable dried sea food available in this shop.
Chinese butcher shop and delicatessen.
Lichee's anyone?
Most Chinese shop daily for their meals.
Jars and jars of every conceivable seafood.
China Town with the famous landmark, the Transamerica Pyramid building in the back ground.