Photos WC7
Photos by Roger Zellmer of the West Coast Celebrity Cruise at Astoria, Oregon 10/1/2013. Photos shot with a Canon 5d miii camera and a 24-105mm Canon L series lens.
Here we are in Astoria taking tour in historical district of town.
We visited a nautical museum in town located on the river. This old photo shows the Bar - where the Columbia River flows into the sea. It is a real challenge for small craft to cross this natural barrier.

There were some neat Coast Guard exhibits.

The school buses in town were also used to carry the tourists on tours of the area.
The bridge across the river is very impressive.
It was a nice day with beautiful clouds.
The Columbia River is a major shipping port for the US.
A pretty church on the Columbia with mountains in the background.
Thanks to the Federal Government budget shut down,we missed Fort Clatsop, the Louis and Clark historical site where they spent an entire winter, as it was shut down. Instead they took us along the river to some state park sites.
A healthy conifer.
Heading back to our ship.
Wind was strong in this area. Ship personnel were very helpful to the handicapped.
A ship being loaded with logs headed for Japan.
Oregon is still doing a lot of logging.
Some of these logs also find their way to China.