Photos WC5
Photos by Roger Zellmer of the West Coast Celebrity Cruise at Seattle, 9-29 & 30, 2013. Photos shot with a Canon 5d miii camera and a 24-105mm Canon L series lens.
Cruising into Seattle about 7:00am on a cloudy day.
Hotel right on the water where Elvis Presley used to stay.
Homeless residence on the wharf.

Ivy really grows well here.

Home of the Seattle Mariners.
Seattle also has a homeless problem.
Early morning card players.
Seattle has some great looking architecture.
Looks good enough to eat.
Space needle taken from our trolley.
We did an early morning tour of the downtown on a trolley. It was very cold and everyone fought for the center window enclosed area.
Our Celebrity ship.
Color and shape intrigued me.
We walked to Pikes Market after our short Trolley tour.
The produce was so fresh. Wished we had a market like this in San Diego.
Unusual pastas.
Very fresh fish here in Pikes Market.
Beautiful flower arrangements of all varieties.
Patton's dog Spud.
Always fun to photograph a bull dog.
They are still throwing fish around, but only if somebody buys one. This action creates some huge crowds.
The seafood here is to die for.
Loose lobster.
Even the over passes have grace here in Seattle.