Photos WC2
Photos part 1 by Roger Zellmer of the West Coast Celebrity Cruise at Nanaimo BC, 9-27, 2013. Photos shot with a Canon 5d Mark iii using a Canon 24-105mm f4 lens.
Arriving in the rain early in the morning at the harbour of Nanaimo BC Canada.
We did an excursion to two local provincial parks and a animal rehab park.
The predominate tree in the first park was the Western Red Cedar.

Douglas Fir perhaps the second most important logging tree in this beautiful rain forest.

It was a cool rainy day.
A beautiful fast moving river in the park.
A natural bridge if you dare.
Heavy moss every where. The sun is rarely seen here.
The Broad Leaf Maple a prolific hardwood tree in this area.
They look like old growth trees to me.
Linda tolerated the rain well and decided that this was her favorite excursion of the entire cruise in spite of the inclement weather.
Beautifully sculptured trail.
A very pretty Madrone tree. It is very hard and used for making decorative bowls, spoons, ladles, etc.

Like a fairy land here in the wood.
Nice formation of these diverse looking Madrone trees.
Could not resist shooting this pleasing formation.
Moss and aqua colored water blend nicely.
Quite a foggy scene of this Broad Leaf Maple tree.