Photos WC11
Photos by Roger Zellmer of the West Coast Celebrity Cruise at Monterey, California 10/4/2013. Photos shot with a Canon 5d miii camera and a 24-105mm Canon L series lens.
After Mission Carmel our tour bus took us to the Monterey Aquarium, one of the best aquariums in the world. The Jelly fish always fascinated me, so I took several photos of them and even some video.
Nature needs no artist.
So delicate with beautiful simplicity.

The groupers were waiting for feeding time.

The tanks have natural seaweed and other ocean features.
This diver was feeding the fish and was doing live commentary to the people watching inside. The viewing windows really fill up to capacity during feeding time.
A sand shark and a school of sardines.
The waving seaweed gives a nice added dimension to the aquarium.
Bubbles from the diver.
Sea bass in hiding.
Spiny sea urchin.
The rocks support colonies of birds and sea mammals.
Our ship had no dock here. The swell was high when we came ashore and I was a bit worried about getting sea sickness, but went unscathed.
More beautiful cherry colored jelly fish.
Looks good enough to eat.
We decided to walk a couple of miles along the ocean back to our tendor shuttle boat location.
Monterey and Carmel are two of absolute favorite places in California.
Brown Pelicans and Cormorants sunning them selves on the rocks.