Photos UT5
Photos by Roger Zellmer Linda Willingham - Utah 2005 trip - San Juan River rafting -

An Anasazi ruin at 8 miles down river from Bluff
Our Navajo guide Marcos who was well versed on Indian culture and geology of the area.
A plateau along the cliff which had access to the ruins.
One of three granaries about 100 yards from the ruin.  They kept them separated to reduce risk of infestation by rodents..
Butler Wash and Comb Ridge on the far side.  Note how the petrified sand dunes are uplifted and curved.  Some of these uplifted materials are 310 million years old.
Our 16' raft, a very safe boat for this class 2,3, & -4 river.

Last updated on January 25, 2009