Photos UT3

Photos by Roger Zellmer & Linda Willingham - Utah Canyon De Chelly trip -

We decided to see the Canyon via horseback. Our choices were jeep truck, walking, or horseback. All forms required a guide. Our Navaho Guide Ted and fellow college student rider from Wisconsin.
Ray and college student resting the Mustangs.
Sandy from Riverside California. We talked Ray and Sandy into going with us the day before. They enjoyed the canyon allot and were glad that they joined us.
Linda enjoying the beautiful canyon.
Linda and Sandy listening to our guide talk about Anasazi and Navaho history.
Ted knew well his history and enjoyed talking about his ancestors.
Personal jeeps where allowed in the canyon if you hired a personal Navaho guide for $15/hour to accompany you.
Ted and Sandy was a fun couple who were camping with their 5th wheel in the same campground as Linda and I.
Very old petroglyph's on the canyon walls.
Linda's mustang acting up a bit.
More Petroglyph's of hunters and the hunted.
Anasazi ruins on the ledge in the background.
This canyon was really a red beautiful wonder. To be here when snow run off water was running through it was rare and quite special.
At the half way point of our 4 hour horse back ride. We were all getting sore butts by this point.
A closer look at the Anasazi ruins. The main reason for these cliff dwellings was security from their enemies.

Last updated on February 6, 2009