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Roger and Linda's trip to see the Peters in St. Francis Kansas in July, 2010

The last day at the Peters, I got up early to go with Junior to photograph old buildings and windmills using the early morning beautiful warm lighting.
My truck looks good in this lighting.
These colors were Wild. I picked a good morning to get up before sun rise.
What a beautiful view to the east.
We got on the road early I think around 6:00am. Junior did the driving and even provided coffee.
The first windmill shot of the morning.
Nice lighting on this guy.
There is no shortage of abandoned old buildings in Kansas.
Even better rich warm lighting here.
Mr. Gibbous Moon in this shot.
Look at that building near collapse on the right.
Newly tilled soil made beautiful by the sun.
This may be my favorite shot of the day. Wheat rules in this plains country.
How does it stay up?
Junior knew who lived in some of these old houses.
There is so much free land out here, there is no reason to remove the old buildings I guess.


This building is the most deformed of them all.

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