Photos SF2
Roger and Linda's trip to see the Peters in St. Francis Kansas in July, 2010

On the 2nd day Linda, Stan, and I decided to do a hike on the Republican River trail.
The Cottonwood trees were beautiful.
The mosquitos and tics were prolific however and I got bit up bad.
I was lucky to catch a photo of this nymph.
The bees liked this cactus flower.
Linda loves these things, but being from the farm I consider them weeds.
The trail got rough and over grown after a couple of miles. Both I and Meghan got tics.
Where is Doug Willingham? He would love this place.
Near the end of trail at last.
The following photos are taken of Stan Gienger's family farm where he grew up. I think this old tractor is out of commission.
That wheat sure looks healthy.
Look at the height of that wheat. The farmers have got to be doing well this year, if they get it harvested before hail comes.
All the barns have lightning rods in this country.
I think it is a Case.
Could use some paint.
The rest of these shots are abandoned buildings on the Gienger Farm.
I wonder if these trees existed when this building was built.
That roof is subsiding.
A bid overgrown.
This windmill is still in operation providing water for live stock.
This old house had character.


A nice view with the windmill and our truck in background.
The classic S curve trail in foreground.
We did not have tractors this big on our farm.
Its a good old John Deer putt putt, Linda.
There are lots of grain storage bins in Kansas.
Future bread.
Linda next to the Farmal and the Case.

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