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Roger and Linda's trip to see the Peters in St. Francis Kansas in July, 2010

The Peters back yard on a high hill overlooking the Republican Valley.
Toto the photogenic miniature schnauzer.
The Peters had lots of antiques all over their property.
The Peter's house and property was very nicely landscaped. The weather was beautiful.
Baby the Basset Hound had no inhibitions today.
I loved this old truck of Juniors.
Another very pleasant nostalgic view from the Peters house on the hill.
Another view of the truck still in perfect running condition. I shot this using HDR Pro photo processing in Photoshop CS5.
Another serious antique, a planter of some type I believe.
I remember mowers like this from farms I grew up on in Wisconsin. I operated power ones many an hour on the farms in Wisconsin.
An hay rack in the old style.
Junior had a level spot with electricity for us to park our 5th wheel shown in the back here. The first night Junior and Tommy had a fish fry which was excellent. Both Junior and Tommy are excellent cooks.
The country side here was so scenic and still green to our surprise. I did not expect landscape like this in Kansas.
The Kansas State Flower.
A nice pair of Sun Flowers.
We stopped on the road to take a few photos. Linda, Joy Ray, and Tommy.
It was a beautiful morning and every one was feeling great for our little outing to see some Gienger and Peters relatives in a nearby town. Stan, Linda, Joy Ray, Tommy, and Junior.
These ladies all good cooks made us a wonderful delicious morning brunch.
This homemade sweet roll was to die for. yum yum I snarfed down two of them.
This area had no shortage of old abandoned buildings and windmills.
I loved this old windmill so I took a series of photos to follow:
Inverted black and white.
Black & White.


An old green combine.
A Boat Tailed Grackle taken in the Peters back yard.
A nice looking House Sparrow.
A colorful Eastern Blue Jay.
A nice male House Finch. The Peters maintained several bird feeders in their back yard.
A squacky Red Winged Blackbird.
I believe this is a Goldfinch.
Mr. Jack Rabbit taken with a 400mm lens from quite a distance. Located in a field just north of the Peter's house.
Meghan our Irish Terrier and Toto the miniature schnauzer actually got along very well with only a couple minor skirmishes.
A telephoto view north of a granary from the Peter's house.

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