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Linda, Roger, & Meghan's visit to Rocky Mtn NP Colorado June, 2010

  At a rest stop on hwy 70 on our way to Glenwood Springs. It was a beautiful day with billowy clouds in the sky.
  I would love to explore this area via jeep some day. It is a geological marvel here.
  Linda hamming it up with a truck driver.
  The mountains still had snow on them.
  Grizzly Creek one exit up from our camp ground on the Colorado River.
  We did a 2 mile up and 2 mile back hike along Grizzly Creek.
  Linda and Meghan taking a break.
  The snow melt water was crystal clear.
  Too fast for kayaking.
  Lots of flowers in full bloom.
  It was so green and beautiful.
  Cotton wood ball. I think I have become slightly allergic to them as I age.
  Meghan could run like a mad dog out here and did.
  Used by the Indians for many things.
  Loved the lighting and veins in this wild flower.

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