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Quail Gardens 2010
Roger's photo shoot at the Sandiego Botanical Gardens formerly Quail Gardens, EncinitasJolla, California, May 4, 2010

All shots were taken with a Canon 100mm macro 2.8mm lens on a tripod. This photo consist of 2 shots with different focus that were auto aligned and auto blended in Photoshop CS4 to increase the depth of field. The first time I used this procedure and it worked quite well.
The photo was produced using HDR program Photomatix. Three shots were used at 0, -2, & +2 stops apart.



I took this photo because our leader Walter recommended it and he was defintely right as the colors and textures are superb.
After lunch at St. Germains Cafe in Encinitas we visited this beautiful site. What a great place for photography with beautiful gardens right on the clifts of the ocean.
This is a problem flower to achieve DOF with a macro lens. It would be a good candidate for multiple focus frames and the photoshop routine.
Walter recommended shooting these in only dark areas of the pool. He was correct, NO reflections. yah yah
A cactus close up.
In person this was my favorite flower of the day, but the photograph does not do it justice as the brilliant color variations I saw did not show up in the pixels of the photograph?

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