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Roger's photos of St. John, New Brunswick, Canada cruise Oct 8,2011

We arrived in St. John New Brunswick, Canada this morning around 7:00am.
After breakfast Linda, Alan, and I decided to take a quick walk into town.


The leaves had bright colors finally what we had been anticipating.

It was Saturday, so we decided to walk through this City Market building.
There were lots of people here to purchase the goodies.
After our walk we returned to the ship. Alan and I had an Princess excursion for photographers with a professional guide at 12:00pm.

Our guide and professional mentor was great. Here are a few of her recommendations:


1. When shooting subjects who are facing the sun, have them close their eyes and count down to zero, then have them open their eyes to avoid squinting. She liked back lighting and fill flash.

2. Compressing the background. Use longer lens or higher zoom to compress the background to help get rid of extraneous background.

3. If focusing on three objects, do not necessarily focus on the center one, but pick the one you think is the most important object, focus on it and then recompose so that center object is back in the middle. Of course the shutter button must be held 1/2 down when recomposing.

Our first stop at a St. John River park, called Stone Hammer Geo Park. This is a power plant across the river which is now flowing normal at slack tide.
Our bus first went to the Bay of Funday where the St. John River flows into it. We are viewing it now at slack tide and the river was flowing slowly into into the bay / ocean. At the end of our trip we returned here, while it was at minimum low tide and the river was roaring with class 5 rapids flowing into the bay. They have the highest tides in the world at this location. When high tide comes at maximum the St John River actually flows backwards at this location.
About 4 hours later at minimum low tide. What a difference Hey!!!
An island in the river at normal tide.
The same island at maximum low tide about 4 hours later.
The bus first took us to this nice little waterfalls about 35 miles from town. Alan here enjoying the oxygen enhanced air.
An HD processed photo using 3 frames about 2.5 stops apart.
What beautiful country this is.
We drove perhaps another 20 miles to a second waterfall also very beautiful.
Yours truly, photo taken by our guide.
Great shot of Alan taken by yours truly.

The rocks behind Alan are around 2 billion years old, according to our guide.

We are at Sheldon Point near a shipping lane here on the same beach as above.
I liked the reflection in the water here from this old skiff.
Another nice reflection at Dipper Harbor in Funday Bay. These are all lobster boats.

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