Photos NE8

Roger's photos of Bar Harbor, ME 2011 cruise Oct 7, 2011

Close up of the loon on the gazebo copula.
This tree on the edge of the bay has lost all of it's leaves.
Linda was very impressed with this scenic bay side hike.
A huge hotel with every room having a view of the bay.
The schooner is about ready to depart with the tourists.
The stern of our cruise ship just showing up in the distance.
A wild rose hip I do believe.
A wider view as we walk further down the trail.
A very rocky sea shore.
The schooner is now at sail.
This power boat spewed lots of black emissions.
I wonder if it has been abandoned?
A lobster and fishing boat waiting for the season to begin.
A full view of our cruise ship the "Crown Princess".
I wanted to do some Kayaking but no one in our group was interested in going out with me.
There were about 4 tenders going full time to transport part of the 3,000 passengers on and off our ship.
The tenders were quite comfortable but not fast or smooth when traversing big waves.

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