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Roger's photos of Boston, MA 2011 cruise Oct 6, 2011

We are back on the Freedom Trail, but Linda is reluctant to walk across this St. Charles River bridge as she is worried about the wind. I had to give up my stocking hat and we then proceeded.
Another view of the Bunker Hill bridge. From this angle it does look like a ships sail.
The bridge we were walking over was old and in need of repair.
Could this boat owner be a photographer?
We arrived at the Constitution. A 44-gun US Navy frigate and the oldest commissioned warship afloat. It is capable of sailing under its own power but rarely does.
A very well maintained historic ship.
The hands really maintain a neat looking ship.
The Navy actually maintains and mans the tours for the public.
Canons ready to do their job.
Our guide took us down to the lower deck.
More canons ready to blast away. Ropes were required to restrain them from the strong kick back.
Everything looks in perfect condition.
Bilge pumps I think?
Pretty tight sleeping quarters down here.
What a beautiful carving on board.
As the ship's nick name is Old Iron Sides, I thought it actually had iron sides. Not true, but it does have sides made of very hard oak that resisted canon balls better than most ships.
The ship is taken out of her berth every 6 months and returned in the opposite direction to minimize UV deterioration.
These are gun powder bags for the canons. The gun powder had to handled with extreme care so it would not get prematurely ignited.


A bow view of our cruise ship the Crown Princess.

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