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Roger's photos Newport, RI 2011 cruise Oct 5, 2011

We liked Ruggles Ave as our previous Pekinese pet dog had this name.
Nice looking gazebo.
Look at the brick work on those three chimneys.
The Atlantic ocean was very calm this day.
Another option for sight seeing. I would like to try the Segway one of these days.
An old lighting fixture.
Our guide did not join us inside the Breakers house.
A redneck Harley biker from Tennessee who was on the tour with us.
Beautiful masonry work on the expansive well appointed grounds.
The tour through this house was very popular and crowded.
Photos where not allowed but was not enforced, so I took several with no flash at iso 6400.
A view from the Breakers patio.
What a ceiling. Most of the ceilings appeared to be around 20' high.
Beautiful stained glass.
Most of this lighting was both gas and electric state of the art for this time period.
Beautiful tapestries all over the down stairs area.
What a kitchen, I would be happy with this kitchen even in todays era.
We are back on the Crown Princess in the Da Vinci dining room with two of our table mates from Chicago. Patricia and Richard were a very charming and engaging couple.
Our traveling and dinner companions Alan and Ray Rowen from San Diego. Alan is my favorite bridge partner and Ray is a regular partner of Linda's. We have traveled together before to bridge tournaments. We had a great time with Alan and Ray on this trip.

Linda and Roger - yours truly. We were not aware that this was a dress up night at dinner and were so embarrassed when we showed up in very casual attire. Our waiter Jose and the Maître D ignored it however and we had a nice evening.


All portraits including the preceding ones were shot with my Canon 7d, 24-104mm Canon lens, and a 530EX flash using bounce off the ceiling. I shot in Raw and processed in Photoshop CS5. All of the photos have been retouched extensively. Please let me know if any of you think I went to far on retouching; blemishes, wrinkles, color variance, eye brightening, teeth brightening, and a bit of thinning because of the wide angle lens.

Last updated on December 1, 2011