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Roger's photos of Newport, RI 2011 cruise Oct 5, 2011

We left the ship on a tender to Newport a beautiful resort town to do the Cliff Walk and the Breakers House excursion sponsored by Princess.
Here is our guide for the bus and walking part of our tour. He was a local who was very knowledgeable about the area.
Many of the walls were built with slate rock typical of the area.
It was a beautiful sunny day with little surf.
One of the first mansions seen from our cliff side walking path.
Virtually no beach in this area.
Linda loved the walking part of the tour.
Beautiful wall construction blending into the natural scenery.
Very little color in the trees here.
Not bad for a summer home. Most of the mansions were only used for a few months during the summer.
The landscaped areas were well maintained.
This view from the roof most have been nice.
This owner was religious.
It is quite cloudy around here most of the time as moss covered rocks would suggest.
More tasteful landscape architecture.
Cormorants and a few gray pelicans.
This old mansion was in need of some maintenance.
Loved the colors on this old mansion.
Look at the ornate copper work on this roof.
Our guide had some trouble keeping us together.
A wild rose on the trail side.
This is the Breakers Mansion originally owned by Van der built the railroad baron.
We later toured this house. It had 134,000 square feet of floor space.

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