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Roger's photos of Boston, MA 2011 cruise Oct 1,2,3, 2011

The Freedom Trail is a super scenic and historical short 2 - 3 mile hike. A must do if visiting Boston.
A young coed walking through the Boston city botanical gardens.
A very cool bridge across the Charlestown River. The suspension cables are suppose to represent sails on a ship. I think the official name is the "Bunker Hill Bridge"
Our duck boat sailed under this old bridge on the Charlestown river.
We did a tour in a duck boat just like this one.
This was the name of our duck.
That old paint looks like oxidized copper. Love the color of these extended window frames.
Another view of the Bunker Hill bridge.
A very old fire station on the right.
We drove past the old park several times on the duck tour and our trolley car tour.
A modern building mixed in with the old.
A nice little rest area at MIT.
One of MIT's research buildings to investigate heating and cooling technology.
The top dome of the old State building encased in gold.
Nice lighting on the buildings today.
One of our "on and off trolley tour" drivers. The people of Boston are very friendly people.
Great bill board, but what kind of vodka?

A statue of the most famous Boston Bruin hockey player ever - Bobby Orr.

It is located right next to the entrance of the Bruin stadium.

A prison building that was never finished. The people in the area insisted that this building not look like a prison, but the government ran out of money building it and it was never completed inside with some corridors running nowhere!
Look at the size of this teapot. It intermittently spewed out steam.
We visited this old historic church still active to this day.
The angles and curves on this building required some good architectural engineering back in the old days.
Home of the famous TV show.

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