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Roger's photos of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada cruise Oct. 13 , 2011

A foot bridge across the Montmorency river at the falls.
Another view of the walk way down to the foot of the falls and Ile d'Orleans across the St. Lawrence River.
It was a bit brisk in the high 50's with broken clouds..
Holding up the white birch trees.
The flowers were very brilliant in color here.
The French use lots of colors on their houses.
The color had to be at its peak. Took this photo in the bus through the window. We did not stop for photography as often as I would have liked.
Linda enjoying the Grand Tour.
Next we visited the famous Sainte-Anne-de-Beau pre' Catholic Basilica Church, about 30 miles north.
It was so beautiful.
I have never visited a church more beautiful or larger than this one.
The original cathedral was way to small for the attendance it received.
We are on Ile d'Orleans now.
Wooden walkway into the restaurant.
We had a sit down french cuisine lunch here, which was excellent. Of note was the excellent French bread, Pear Leek soup, and the hard apple cider tasting like an apple wine.
Our charming multi lingo guide.
I really liked her shoes and stockings.
It is mid afternoon now and we are back in Quebec City in the lower town shopping area. What could they be doing with these white cards hanging over the street.
The Funicular to the upper city which actually cost money to ride.

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