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Roger's photos of Charlottetown, Nova Scotia, Canada cruise Oct 11, 2011

We got off the ship and took a walk into town before our days excursion. Loved the old slate side walks in town.
We walked about a mile to this very old Basilica Catholic Cathedral.
It was threatening rain and was quite cool today perhaps in fifties.
Patron Saint mother Mary I assume.
Shot this photo inside the cathedral at iso 6400. A bit grainy but not bad.
It was huge as apparently all Basilicas are.
Looks as big as the Speckles organ in San Diego.
The old residential house's were very picturesque and well maintained.
A professional photographer was shooting this guy I think a lawyer for advertising.
They love to use vines here in Canada.
Fortunately I did not need their medical services.
Another colorful residence. I had to use free form distort in Photoshop to get the perspective right on these buildings.
Alan and Linda enjoying our little hike.
A colorful flower box.
I thought this shop was for dog products, but no this is a clothing brand in Canada.
The Cow ice cream in Canada is to die for, but sadly it was too cold to partake of the product.
Unfortunately I had no lobster lunch in this town.
We are on our excursion now to Ann of Green Cables stopping at a National Park Beach. The Atlantic ocean was dark and forbidding on this dreary day.
The sun did peak through at this stop. The wind was 30+ mph and very cold. The breakers quite high. I would not want to be kayaking in this water.
Ann of Green Cables house.
One of our guides who looked a bit sleepy if not dreamy.
One of the magical trees in black and white.
Same tree in color.
Inside the house now.
Loved the autumn colors through this window.
All clothing was made at home back in this period.
Linda found a critter back in the brush. We did a short hike in the enchanted forest.
Lots of white birch trees in this area.
Another view of the house.
On the way back we stopped here. They gave out lots of free samples and I think these may be the best preserves anywhere produced with French recipes and local fruit. I bought two jars of these delicious confectioneries.
This is the owner and head chef. He really charmed the tourists and of course it help sell lots of preserves and other products.
A photo taken in the bus through the window on our way back to the ship.
The farm country was so beautiful here. This photo was also taken in the bus.

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