Photos NE10

Roger's photos of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada cruise Oct 10, 2011

Arriving in Sydney to a nice sunrise. Photo taken from deck 8 on the ship.
We took the short tender ride into town to catch our tour to the high country Breas D'Or lake area on this labyrinth of islands and water ways. This was an all day tour on a Prevost bus and the prettiest location we have visited so far.
The sun put a nice glow on this plaque taken on the way to our buffet breakfast on deck 15.

Local man dressed as he would have been when his clan arrived in


We visited an Scotish constructed museum on top of a high green hill with an awesome view.
I was impressed by this rugged looking hand made chimney.
Irish style fence. Some times rocks were added.
This clean air crystal clear spot was truly enjoyable and a wonderful location for photography.
Two healthy looking bovines.
A stone earthen house.
The temperature was in the high 50's .
Locals maned the various buildings.
A loom in working condition.
This view is inside the stone house.
Linda enjoyed talking with this lady about knitting and the making of yarn.
A spreader of you know what and it was probably towed by horses.
The chicken coup.
Straw bedding for the animals.
They even had a couple of hogs on display.
A very old farm tractor.
Linda loved this Cheshire horse who kept jousting her for treats.
He was an old graying horse but still looked handsome.

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