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Roger's photos of Boston, MA 2011 cruise Oct 1,2,3, 2011

We stayed in Boston down town at this very nice quite expensive French hotel.
The city was having a charity breast cancer run. These two girls stopping for a rest near our hotel.
This huge indoor shopping center is the most awesome one I have ever been to.
Our first excursion in Boston was a trip to the Art Museum which we all enjoyed immensely.
Even old doors can be a work of art.
Most of the following portraits were done by Sargeant or Copely, both excellent artist. Flash was not allowed but natural light photography was allowed anywhere. I used my Canon 5d, Canon 24-104 lens shooting at ISO 800, 3200, or 6400 depending on lighting conditions. A bit grainy but not bad.
Beautiful photo of George Washington at the Delaware River. The photos are not bad, but the art in person is breath taking.
Paul Revere with a piece of his handy work.
Dale Chihuly Glass-Contemporary Art Glass Sculpture, one of Linda's favorite artist.
A close up of Chihuly's colored glass.
Linda and Ray are tickled about something,
Nice art art even in the museum restaurants.
Alan only wished he had a body like this.
A very famous painting named "The Fog Warning" by Winslow Homer. A critical decision for this fisherman. Should he head back to the mother ship before the fog comes in? Perhaps he will have to dump is fish to to make it back time?. This painting is one of my favorite in the entire museum because of the story it tells. In the museum it looks very realistic.
What a wonderful painting of Niagara Falls which I saw in person on my summer trip this year.
The huge torso presentation during this period mystifies me.
Beautiful stain glass work.
What an awesome statue with such beautiful pure looking stone.
Another large torso?
Needle work which Linda enjoyed.
What a fancy church.

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