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Photos by Roger Zellmer and Charlene Winter - Peshtigo River camping and raft trip - 2004

Joanne and Mollie finding the right dinner desert for our first night on the river.
>> The camp sites where all beautiful and no humans around. We only saw 2 other boating parties the entire trip.
>> Scouting a possible campsite for our 2nd night out.
>> We floated right by this bald eagle. He was less than 20 yards from our boats.
> I hated to paddle much, but was forced to do so the second day because of strong head winds.
> Mr. stick bug, the first I can ever remember seeing.
Another beautiful camp site over looking the river. We somehow got a fire going every night in spite of the rain. Mollie was the fire guru. It rained and thundered for 5 or 6 hours this night. Meggie dog was really upset by the thunder. My tent in the back ground really sweated in the rain but stayed relatively dry in spite of all the condensation.
> David the hunter spotted this white tailed deer first.
> David trying out Mollie's Old Town rental kayak.
> Linda loves our red Old Town kayak. It paddles really easy and is easy to handle when landing.

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