Photos LV1
Photos by Roger Zellmer of our stay in Las Vegas with Joan and David Allen January 21 - 26, 2012. Most photos shot with iphone 4s.
Visiting the Mirage to get tickets for CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Mystere show but, the show was shut down for 2 weeks. What a Bummer as I have been trying to do this show for years.
Joanne and David still in fresh spirits.
What a strange chopper.
We came back here one evening to watch the volcano blast off.
Joanne has apparently actually ridden on a bike like this in Wisconsin.
The flora was spectacular in the Mirage and Treasure Island Casinos.
On the fourth day we drove to Hoover Dam and did the full guided tour.
I never cease to be amazed at the phenomenal technology and scope of the this old project.
One day we took Joanne and David to the Caesar's Palace Promenade shopping center. A very expensive and impressive center.
Joanne wanted a picture with this Elvis impersonator. He wanted $5 for the privilege. A pretty expensive photo for an iphone in bad lighting.
Mollies hair was amazingly beautiful for this special day.
We are in the Ventian Casino now and this is their Chinese New Year Dragon exhibition which we later saw on the nightly news.
It is said that if you walk around the dragon 4 times you will have good luck for the whole year. Of course Joanne and I did so while Linda had a cigarette.
Linda and I took Meghan to several dog parks in the area, but this was the best one located in Henderson.
Meghan barked at this statue when she first arrived on the scene.
David bought an Indiana Jones Cowboy hat at the Western Sheplers store at the Sam's Town Casino. I think he really looks cool in this hat.
Of course I liked this hat so well, that I also purchased one. A couple of serious wranglers here.
The girls did not buy hats but of course had to try ours on. Linda and David played bingo after our shopping spree.
Here is David and Joanne at the Venetian taking a canal gondola ride complete with singing boatman.
Linda and I sat in front. The entire tour took less than 20 minutes and about $50 per couple.
Joanne was very worried that we would have trouble getting on one of these tours, but there was no problem and we ended up waiting a long time for dinner at Molta Mario's B & B restaurant.
This is in Lake Havasu next to the London Bridge. Joanne used to work with this lady who is wintering here in this nice warm weather of Arizona.