Photos LKH1
Roger & Linda's trip to Lake Havasu in April, 2016. All photos were shot with a Canon 5D mark iii using a Canon lenses; EF24-105 f/4.0.

My sister treated me and Linda to this cruise on the Lake.
The owners were super friendly and full of historical information about the area and the Lake.
This little boat was very comfortable with plenty of room for photography. About 5 seats were left open even on a full booking.

My sister Joanne.

The famous London Bridge moved from London England.
It is located on a man made channel which created an island out of a peninsula.
This large engine really made this boat get up and go.
On our way on the channel to the main lake.
Gazebo and palm trees give the area a very tropical look.
Support speed boat keeping an eye on the skull/girls.
Hundreds of party boats like this frequent Lake Havasu.
Middle age paddle boater. I do not know if I still have enough balance for this form of boating.
Dogs are allowed in the channel at Lions Park. Rotary Park does not allow dogs.
Tattoos galore adorn the bodies of boaters. Boaters are allowed to moor along the channel and picnic or party.
Body builder jet skier putting on a show for use.
Jet boating and high speed motor boats are the norm out here. What a beautiful mountain back drop.
Lots of replica working mini light houses to help guide the night boaters.
I believe we have entered Copper Canyon, a very scenic area of the river.
Pretty rocks and vegetation.
Hole in the wall Rock.
Seismic upheaval took place here.
Nice scenic little bays to enjoy a late afternoon swimming from ones boat or a place to party.
Gold was mined out here.
Scenic multi colored landscape and vegetation.