Photos FL3
Photos by Roger Zellmer of our trip to Lakeland, Florida to visit my Aunt Rose Kimmel who I had not seen for perhaps 20 years, on February 16, 2014 with my sister Joanne and her Husband David. Photos were shot with a Canon 5d Mark iii using a Canon 24- 105 mm f4.0 lens and a Samsung Note 3 cell phone camera.
Here we are visiting my aunt Rose at Lakeland, Florida where she lives in a golf club community called Cypress Lakes.
Beautiful fairway just off her back yard.
The Spanish Moss is very prolific in this area. It does no damage to the trees and is really an air plant, not Spanish Moss.

Alligator in a lake just outside Rose's yard.

The course is right on the edge of a large swamp.
Joanne taking a walk through the glades.
It was beautiful day in the mid 70's.
Not very good walking shoes in this snake infested area.
The lighting and scenery was so soothing to the soul.
Yours truly staying cool in the shade.
David and Joanne with swamp in back ground.
Taken with my Samsung Note 3 which has a bright LED light for dark areas.
Back lite Spanish Moss.
Another Samsung Note 3 photo. It takes great photos for a phone camera.
Rolling fairway along the Glade.

Joanne, Rose, and me at the Berns Steak House desert room in Tampa Bay. This restaurant is to die for. An excellent French cuisine with lots of steaks on the menu. They have wonderful huge appetizer menu selection and a great wine selection. My aunt Rose enjoyed tipping a couple of glasses of good Cabernet Sauvignon wine with me.

David did not have the LED light turned on for this shot making the quality just barely passable.