Photos FL12
Photos by Roger Zellmer of our trip to Big Bend NP March 12 - 14, 2014. Photos were shot with a Canon 5d Mark iii using a Tamron 12-24mm f5.7 lens
Got Linda up before sunrise to beat the crowds and the heat.
The weather was great, in the 50's this morning
Quite a few flowers blooming in the park. Middle March is normally perfect weather here and the most popular time for visitors.
Sun almost ready to peek over the mountains.

The cloud formations in this Texas south eastern NP were awesome during the entire 4 days in the park.

Warming up now.
It is so peacefull, quiet, and tranquil out here. We loved being out here with nature all around us in its glory.
It is about 500 miles to the closest city of any size. You must want to visit this park as it so far from the main highways traversing the US.
We stopped at a ruins of an old ranch and pecan farm for a walk, sneaking Meghan out on the trail. Luckily no rangers were present.
Looks like it was a hard place to make a living.
An Agave Century Plant decided to bloom here this year.
Meghan girl adorned with an Adobe "water color" filter.
We are still in the park in the south western corner on the Rio Grande River.
Steam engines were use to pump irrigation water out of the river for farming of cotton and other crops.
That is a Mexican town in the distance just across the Rio Grande river. This river is the boundary that divides Mexico and United States.
Lots of hiking trails out here.
Beautiful clouds behind the butte. It took about 2 hours to drive to Castolon from our camp ground on a very curvy challenging road. We did go early enough to avoid much of the tourist traffic.
We did this 2 mile nature trail with Meghan. We went early enough to avoid almost all other visitors.
Creosote bushes and pear cactus.
Back close to our camp ground.

In the afternoon we drove to a border crossing through the river to have a look.

The Mexicans leave art items on the trail using the honor system to receive money. I purchased a walking stick for $10 putting the money in a receptacle they had there.

Mexican transportation down here.

A tourist promised a tip to this Mexican who conducted a tour in the local town. The tourist did not have money with him, so he agreed to meet the Mexican here to deliver the tip. A very cool event.

Boquillas Canyon trail started near here. We started the trail but soon turned back as the trail started climbing big time up the mountain, way too steep and hot for me.

Lots of kayaking and canoing on this river in the spring when the water is moving and deeper.

Nice horseshoe pattern. We stayed on our side of the river as we did not have passports with us.

We drove to the Hot Springs Historic District on a very scary steep and narrow dirt road. This used to be the main bath house for the resort.

Awesome looking tree probably getting its water from the underground springs in this area. I used a Tamron 12-24mm lens to shoot this tree. I got some bad purple fringing from this lens, but was able to remove it using Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw.

1.5 mile trail to the river hot springs.

This hot springs a very popular tourist destination stays around 104 F all year.

A constant flow goes over the side into the river.

Linda and I only stuck our toe into the water to test the temperature and decided it was too hot as it was close to 90 F air temperture today.

Linda on the trail back to the parking lot.

Found this beautiful yellow flower on the way back.

Mountain chain to west of the hot springs area. If you are afraid of heights do not drive to the hot springs historic attraction.

Big Bend NP is well worth seeing, but only do it in the winter or preferably very early spring as it gets very hot down here.