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Photos by Roger Zellmer of our trip to New Orleans, Gray Line City Tour on March 6, 2014. Photos were shot with a Canon 5d Mark iii using a Canon EF24-105mm lens
On our Gray Line tour leaving the French Quarter area. The city is loaded with impressive statues.
Mardi Gras just ended before we arrived so there were many adornments from the event still present.
Fancy French style buildings.
Did not get a chance to take a horse drawn carriage ride.

Photos taken through the bus window.

Wished we could have stopped here to look around and do some tasting.
The rain did not affect attendance.
Okra Man. The only vegetable I dislike.
Cute very small, colorful bungalows.
Murals connected with music every where.
Murals even on the free way pilers.
These little colonial style houses sell for a 1/2 million I was told by the bus driver.
They love bright colors here in New Orleans.
I love Pink!
Our bus was very comfortable. The driver was very knowledgeable about the current affairs and past history of the city. He was a great speaker and skilled driver negotiating the tight quarters of this crowded city.
The first stop on our city tour.
They take their hereafter burial very seriously down here.
The poor were put to rest in the small boxes on the back row. Burial must be above ground because the water level is very high in New Orleans.
This person was more affluent, rating a bigger crypt to rest in.
We had intermittent rain during this tour.

Some crypts even come with benches.

The majority of churches are Catholic down here.

These cadavers had even more money for their crypts.

Love the white one.

Spanish Moss grows well here in "City Park".

Civil war hero.

This cafe in "City Park" was awesome and a tradition for locals. We stopped for coffee and beignets.

They serve great gourmet coffee and French pastry of all kinds.

The beignets are just out of the hot oil with powered sugar to die for and priced very reasonable.

Each beignets order has 3 and Linda finished them all, as did I. Yum Yum

Seafood rules in New Orleans. Unfortunatel we did not find time to eat at a top restaurant because we had to get back to the 5th wheel each evening to feed and walk our Irish Terrier Meghan.

St. Charles street is where all the rich and movie stars live.

Apparently the cheapest house cost a million $ ++.

Local trolley transportation is worth using as down town has no place to park.

Home of the New Orleans Saints and our San Diego X star quarterback Drew Brees.