Photos FL1
Photos by Roger Zellmer of our trip to the flee market near Tampa Bay Florida on February 15, 2014 with my sister Joanne and her Husband David. Most photos shot with a Canon 5d Mark iii using a Canon 24- 105 mm f4.0 lens.
This cute little girl is trying to pick up the moving colored light spots shining from above.
She was a cutie and the first photo op as I entered this huge indoor and outdoor flea market. If visiting my sister Joanne, there will always be flea market sojourns in the schedule.
This may have been the biggest flea market I ever attended. This guy makes beautiful aquatic wood carvings.

A old man still active in jewelry making.

This attractive girl selling flash lights??
It is actually mainly a taser which can disable temporarily a very large man. I definitely considered buying one. I think they are illegal to buy in California.
There was entertainment tent with food and beer.
This country singer was quite good.
The outdoor produce market was my favorite area.
Good looking very fresh onions. Cuban people operated most of the tent markets.
Purple Fava beans?
Did not taste this, but it looks good.
White radish or Hiccama?
Fresh Aloe for the health nuts.
Interesting shaped fruit. I bet it makes a great desert.
Beautiful looking fresh pineapple.
Linda patiently waiting for me to finish photographing the huge produce market area.
The Juice tent here has every imaginable vegetable for your health drink.
I loved this tent and stayed a while to talk with the friendly girl running it.
Decided to have Pina Colada drink served in a fresh coconut.
This car battery and inverter provided 120VAC power for the juice blender. The Cuban mother started the car and connected the inverter to get the blender cranking.
The Pina Colad health drink with no alcohol was very delicious.

There was enough for Linda also, but with no coconut in hers.

My sisters 2 hours at the flea market was up, so we headed back for our agreed upon meeting spot.