Photo's EN8
Photo's by Roger -England Yorkshire Area town of Pickering, May 16, 2008
Just arrived in the town of Pickering on a cool 52 F. morning.
The local church which we visited.
In early English times the dead were buried right on the church grounds or even in the church.
There were some beautifully done paintings on the church walls.
This lady on the left was the head bell ringer teaching the other lady the ropes. She gave us an overview of the bells and invited us to walk up 55 steps into the bell tower to view the bells.
It was loud up here.
The beef and lamb looked really good in this shop.
I wanted to buy these cute lambs made out of real wool for my sistors. The shop was closed and I have not seen any since.
Black colored tulips adorning the streets.
Pets and pet stores are popular in England.

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