Photo's EN4
Photo's by Roger - England Lake District, May 11 & 12, 2008
On Sunday May 11th we went to the Queen's Head pub for lunch.
These two sistors Lois and Esther were a kick, very enjoyable company on a trip like this. We had just finished the deserts and Yorkshire pudding. The food here was much better than our hotel fare food.
Peas ??? Is this a good thing?
Attractive Victorian architecture.
A church we toured with Peter our guide and his wife who was a female Vicor. I called her the Vicoress which amused her.
The English love flowers. The pansy colors were very vibrant.
A bee polinating the Blue Bell.
We were stuck 1.5 hours in Beatrix Potters Hill Top house museum, because of a severe heavy rain storm. Note the hailstones on the ground.
A waterfall on the river in the Coniston area
An English high tech bridge.
Many little villages still exist in this area.
A beautiful green slate comes out of this quarry.
A better photo (by Herb) showing the excavation.
Ba ba black sheep.
An old farm house available for rent during the holidays.
A nice farm scape photo by Herb. It was really this green.

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