Photo's EN3
Photo's by Roger - England Lakes Distrist, May 10, 2008

This is near the beginning of our 8 mile hike to Cats Bells peak. The lake below is called Derwent. The all season blooming bush gorse in the forground.
The sheep keep the fields and hills looking manicured.
our guide for the day, Esther, and Herb.
Each day we had a hard hike and an easy hike. The hard one today was on this ridge and peak about 1,200' more elevation over 8 miles. The easy hike was 600' elevation rise.
The lakes seemed quite pristine to me.
Many of the hikes went through working farms.
Andy was a fun easy going guide. The English sense of humer is a bit subtle but quite refreshing.
The stone fences were all maintained very well.
A beautiful black horse in the dell.
The ewes were a bit scruffy.
The lambs are black when first born.
A farmers milk cow. The double cream ice cream, cheese, and butter in this area was to die for.
Andy was distraght with our pace here!!!
Herb anticapating a pint of Samuel Smith ale in the local pub.

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