Photo's EN2
Photo's by Roger - England Lakes District, May 9, 2008
An example of the old stone walls and houses.
This hill was bit steep but nice and grassy.











Left to right; Herb Sinnen- CA, Lynne Wiler- WI, Peter our guide, Lois Olson- CA, Sheilla Rizzo-NJ, Rosemary Rafter- NY, Richard Tripp- WI, Donald Rundell- CA, Esther Johnson- CT, Meredith Tripp-WI, Linda Rundell- CA, and Trueman Baker- NC. Rick Howarth- NY was being transported off the mountain due to a vertigo attack.Andy our other guide was walking up to meet us. Yours truly Roger Zellmer- CA taking the picture.

This hike was so beautiful with the bluebells.
This is a close up macro shot of the flower; gorse which blooms all year and is very prolific in this area.
More bluebells. They are so delicate.
A beautiful oak tree on the grounds of the Brant House.
The azaleas were the most vibrant I have ever seen. Some varieties grow in the wild.
This was in the herb garden of the Brant House.
We picked up this steam ferry to cross the lake.
Its a one of a kind steam boat only operating on this lake.
It was very plush inside and the steam engine made no noise.
Tulips in the quaint little city of Coniston.
Even the cemetary had bluebells.

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