Photo's EN10
Photo's by Roger -England Yorkshire Area - town of York, May 19, 2008
The view from our room at the Esplande Hotel in Scarborough.
This is our room looking towards town. There is a castle on the top of the green hill.
The train station in York was a very busy place and used to be a modern high tech facility.
Our guide for the York tour. We couldn't loose track of her in that red outfit. She was a very energetic guide who mostly kept our attention.
Our land mark for the return to the bus pickup.
The river Ouze. It was too cold for boating today.
There is a wall around the entire old city.Its been used as back drop many times in the movies.
A monkey tree, so called because its the only tree a monkey cannot climb it. The leaves are very sharp.
That guide has our attention.
Don and Linda from San Diego. They were on the same flights as Herb and I.
The wall around the city is approximately 3 miles long.
York Minster Abbey a huge building. The stained glass windows are so valuable that they were removed and hid in the country during the war.
Unfortunately, we didn't have time to go inside.
The school children in this country all wear uniforms.
A roman caesar in power who insisted on his statue being placed here.
This city is usually very busy, a prime tourist destination with lots of relatively high end shops.
All that remains of the castle that was here.
After the tour, many of the group ate here for lunch.
Herb and I had an afternoon tea and cakes for lunch for $15 pounds or $30 US currency. The scone that came with it was excellent.

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