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Photo's by Roger Zellmerat Athabasca Falls Mt Edith Cavell near Jasper in the Canadian Rockies, trip in August 2006

The beginning of Athabasca Falls
It was close to the parkway road and the tourists just flocked into this site..
Upstream is docile and used for canoeing and rafting. You sure would not want to miss your take out.
The roar of this falls was deafening.
Definitely an unrunable class 6 drop.
Rafting is done just down stream of this falls.
The road to this mountain, a nerve racking steep extremely curvy road. This was our first site of Mt. Edith Cavell.

Named for a famous nurse who helped the Jews escape from Germany into England. She lost her life in the effort and had this peak named after her by the Canadians.
The air up here was crystal clear and so clean.
The weather was again volatile.
We did a hike to this small lake where a glacier was melting into the water. It was quit brisk out and we had some light rain showers during the hike.
It was a pretty little lake.
A lake down stream fed by the Mt. Edith Cavell glacier.

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