Photo's CAN5

Photo's by Roger Zellmer at Jasper Maligne Canyon in the Canadian Rockies, trip in August 2006

Athabasca River just south of Jasper.
Mountain goats love this area.
They are more sure footed than Meghan dog.
The weather was quite volatile.
Our camp site at the huge and beautiful Whistler camp ground.
Maligne Lake about 30 miles east of Jasper.
A civilized bear.
We passed on the boat tour
The park visitor center in the town of Jasper.

Mt. Whistler in the clouds as seen from our camp ground.
The Maligne River. We did a 3 mile hike along the river in this beautiful canyon.
This river originates about 30 miles up stream in Maligne Lake. It travels under ground a good part of the way to this area.
Meghan was allowed on all of the Canadian Park trails. She lost weight on this trip, becoming lean and mean again.
Rafting was not allowed on this river.
A creek on the Parkway hwy.
Tangle creek is aptly named.
Sunwapta Falls near the Parkway south of Jasper.
I would rate this class 6 unraftable.
Elk in the back of our Whistler camp ground site.
They were so tame enjoying the lush grass.
This fellow even laid down for a bit. Meghan went crazy watching them from the trailer, but cooled down eventually.

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