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Photos by Roger Zellmer at Columbia Ice Fields in the Canadian Rockies, trip in August 2006

View from our campsite at the Wilcox campground just south of the ice fields.
It was extremely cold the next morning perhaps in the low 30's. We were quite cold for the 2 nights we stayed here at this high elevation.
t was a beautiful camp site with a view of the glaciers and mountains.
The bus on the first leg up to the glacier.
We are now on the 2nd leg of our tour in the 16 wheel drive ice vehicle
The Athabasca Glacier is about 1,000' deep at this location.
The Dome Glacier
The vehicles have been operated by the Brewster concession for many years.
The Athabasca Glacier.

They glaciers have been receding over 150 years.
They only gave us 20 minutes out on the ice field
The ice is a bright blue color due to the high density.
Gathering a sample of the glacier melt. Eternal life promised!!!!
The glacier is moving over a ridge here, which causes a break up of the ice.
This would be a treacherous place to hike.
The clouds kept coming in and out. Our guides said we were lucky to have any visibility as it had been raining for the previous 5 days.
Look at the size of these machines.
A whirl pool water erosion caused by the melt.
There is a huge glacier area on the back side of these mountains called the Columbia Glacier that feeds many other down stream glaciers.
Linda at the visitor center patio.
The ice used to come right up to this visitor center when the park was first opened. The terminal moraine is very evident in person.
Another view from our camp ground RV site.

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