Photos BOS5
Photos of Roger and Richards trip to White Sands National Monument in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and Picachio State Park near Tuscon, Arizona, November 17 & 18, 2012. Photos taken with a Canon 5d Mark iii camera using various lenses.
The next morning around 7:15 am. The entrance to the park does not open until 7:00am so we missed the sunrise.
If I come again I will consider tent camping one or 2 nights in the park, so I can get sunset photos and night star trail photos. The charge is only a few bucks for an assigned camping site, which is approximately 1/2 mile from the loop road. The back pack hike in would not be bad at all.
The sand is actually made of gypsum, very firm and easy to walk on.
I highly recommend to anyone driving through this area, to not miss this beautiful monument park It is beautiful, well maintained, and a very well managed park.
The park service rents saucers and sleds that the kids use to slide down the steeper higher dunes.
It is so quiet and pristine out here. We were lucky to have no wind and almost perfect temperatures on our trip.
The wind really moves these sand dunes around, so every trip is like seeing a new park.
Nature is simple beauty.
The sky had a purple color cast this last evening of our stay.
The first 5 miles of road out to the big dunes is asphalt and then the next 7 miles is gypsum looking like this. It is totally safe to drive on. There is virtually no chance of getting stuck if you stay on the road.
The last scene we had of White Sands National Monument.
Here we are about 300 miles west, camped out at Picachio State Park 25 miles north of Tuscon Arizona.
The camp ground was about 5 mile off the freeway and was very scenic with the peak near by and the prolific Saguaro cactus.
This was the first evening after a rain storm had passed through.
The sun just about to disappear.