Photos BOS4
Photos of Roger and Richards trip to Bosque Del Apache N.W.R. in Soccoro, New Mexico, November 15 & 16, 2012. Photos taken with a Canon 7d and a Canon 5d Mark iii camera using various lenses.


Directly below is a "You Tube" 2min 46 sec video showing a morning lift-off of the Sandhill Cranes & Snow Geese. A stereo Rodes sound mike was used to provide the viewer an idea of the abundance of the birds at the famous Bosque Del Apache National Wild Life Refuge in New Mexico

  1. Click on the arrow key to start.
  2. Click on the pause key.
  3. Click on the gear key to change the quality to 1080p. This gives you the best possible quality.
  4. Click on the window key on the far right to give you full screen viewing.
  5. Click on the arrow start key.
  6. Adjust the sound to your liking.
  7. Hit Escape key when the video has finished and continue down the page to look at the still frames.

The last sunset we saw at Bosque del Apache.
I loved this old cottonwood tree across from our favorite pond.
Sandhill cranes basking in the late afternoon sun.
I decided to go for some silhouette shots on the last evening at the refuge. It almost looks like there is a hole through his nose?
They are coming in for a landing.
I liked the varying wing positions on this shot.
He looks suspended in mid air.
This shot was taken on our last day around noon, after we attended the Festival of the Cranes at the visitor center. The Crane Festival held every year around this time is well worth attending. The attendance does go up at the refuge, but Richard and I did not find it objectionable.
The snow geese relaxing at this pleasant pond, our last view of the refuge.
The Sigma lens company representative was at the Festival. He let me try out this 12-24mm full frame lens which I liked and later purchased from one of their vendors.
Another shot taken at the visitor center with the Sigma 12-24mm full framed lens.
Sigma also let me try out a 150-500mm zoom telephoto lens. It was a nice light weight lens with reasonable sharpness. As I already have a 100-400mm Canon lens, I did not purchase this one.
We drove about 150 miles to Alamogordo Road Runner Campground getting checked in for a two night stay. At sunset we visited the White Sands National Monument.
We drove into the park and drove out to the end of the loop road to snap a few sunset shots and get oriented for the morning sunrise. I was too lazy to walk out another 1/2 mile or so to get past the foot prints.
It was a pretty sunset with nice lighting.