Photos BOS3
Photos of Roger and Richards trip to Bosque Del Apache N.W.R. in Socorrow, New Mexico, November 13 & 14, 2012. Photos taken with a Canon 7d and a Canon 5d Mark iii camera using various lenses.
Another day at sunrise out at the ponds.
The birds rest in the ponds leaving every morning for their feeding grounds and then returning again at sunset.
Hard on the wing.
A flock thinking about taking flight.
They are incredible flying machines.
A beautiful hue on the foreground water.
Can almost hear him honking.
One of my favorite shots because of the wing position and shading.
The geese appear to be glowing in the morning sun.
Nice reflections in the pond.
A relaxing morning in the pond.
I took this photo from a wood dock which went out into the pond.
The snow geese on the move.
Breaking out of the ice into flight.
On this afternoon on this day we drove about 60 miles to this very interesting facility.
The array of radio telescopes go 26 miles on this leg! The data collected is on the Internet and is available to any researcher who wishes to use the data. This is a government project I am in favour of.
It must have cost big money to build these large scopes.
The telescopes are on rail road tracks so they can be transported for repair and various arrays as required by current study in progress.
An interesting sculpture at the visitor center.
On the way back to Socorrow we saw several small herds of antelope.

We made it back to Bosque del Apache in time for the sunset and the birds touch down event.

Coming in to roost.
This pond was recently flooded giving the cranes lots of worms and crustaceans to munch on.