Photos BOS2
Photos of Roger and Richards trip to Bosque Del Apache N.W.R. in Socorrow, New Mexico, November 11 & 12, 2012. Photos taken with a Canon 7d and a Canon 5d Mark iii camera using various lenses.
The first pond at the NWR that we visited in late afternoon.
I guess the sandhill cranes congregate in these ponds for safety.
Beautiful lighting in the late afternoon.
When we first arrived the colors of the trees were spectacular.
The sound of the these cranes cackling is unmistakable.
The glow in the afternoon was beautiful and soothing to the soul.
The sky turned purple as the cranes arrived to their resting place for the night.
They look a bit awkward on their landing approach pattern.
Loved the back ground tulle fog in this shot.
It is the next morning around 5:30am with the crescent moon and the planet Venus in the sky. It was below freezing brr brr. Thanks to Richard, who got me up very early every morning to get us out at just past sun rise each morning.
The snow geese getting ready for morning lift off.
The sky had many beautiful color casts in the clear morning atmosphere.
It was definitely below freezing last night. Look at that ice on the pond surface.
They are beautiful and graceful on the wing.
The sun has risen now as thousands of cranes lift off for their feeding grounds.
They seem to stay in family units. They mate for life.
The cranes sometimes have to wait for this ice to thaw in order to get air bound.
After sunrise we did a 12 mile auto tour around the refuge.
Deer, elk, bobcat, and mountain lions also frequent this refuge.
Photographers in force out here. I have never seen so many big expensive lenses in my life.
Loved this old cottonwood tree.
The government authorities divert some of the Rio Grande river water through canals to the various ponds created for the cranes and snow geese.
We visited some old historic town sites along the Rio Grande River.

The snow geese love this pond. The geese are used to humans and allow photographers to get quite close.

We took a short walk off the auto tour rode into a riparian area.
These cottonwood leaves caught my attention. Unfortunately it got down to 24 F. this night and the color of the leaves became subdued for the rest of the trip.
Richard looking for photogenic scenery which he usually finds.
The birds have grown to know safety here and come by the many thousands.
A very pretty snow goose.
They look very aerodynamic to me.
Flying in formation.
Flying in tandem.