Photos BOS1
Photos of Roger,Richard, Jose, and Bill's trip to the Tucson Science & Astronomy Expo, November 10, 2012. All Photos on this page shot with a Canon SX40HS point and shoot camera
This show had the most and best amateur equipment I have ever seen at any show I have attended.
I loved this reasonablely priced observatory shed. If only my wife would allow us to move to a dark sky area like Julian!
Jose Magsaysay with his Canon 60DA astro DSLR camera.
A great shed to setup one's imaging equipment in your back yard dark sky site. D-R-O-O-L
My traveling companion for this trip Richard Strobel.

Jose and I met our friend Bill Lofquist from Tucson who attended a Grand Canyon Raft Trip with us about 3 years ago. Bill is very active in local astronomy and is mostly responsible for a new Tucson astronomy club dark sky site observatory recently built. Bill is also an avid photographer.

Look at the size of that eye piece! Jose was very conservative on this trip, keeping his spending relatively low for him. I was a good boy, not making even one purchase.
Richard also kept his spending very low.
Look at the size of the high tech scope behind Jose. After the show Rich, Jose, and I went out to dinner at a wonderful Mexican restaurant recommended by local Bill Lofquist.