Photos AZ1
Photos shot by Roger & Stan Gienger - Quartzsite, Benson, Cochise Stronghold, Arizona - January 2007

Our Trailer set up in the desert on BLM land close to Quartzsite.
The sunsets were beautiful.
Three Saguaro cactus looking out our side window of the trailer
It got down to 18 F. this night
The Butterfield RV Resort in Benson a very nice trailer court with many amenities including wi-fi
The most increditable amenity this astronomical observatory with 16" Meade telescope and full time astronomer on duty. The court owner wanted something different to draw people in. I will sure stop here again anytime I am in the area. We ended up staying 3 nights here.
Stan drove us to this park on a rough dirt gravel road.
The actual strong hold is 5 miles up this trail. Next time I want to get here early and do this 5 mile hike to see the actual strong hold.
It rugged country in this area.
It was surprisingly green.
The US armies after Cochise probably wanted no part of apprehending him on this route.!
Nice rock formations.
Next we did a long grueling drive on a dirt gravel road to Tombstone. We had lunch at this fun saloon.
It cost money to see the actual site so we skipped it. They had a re-enactment every day at noon. We were all cold so we headed home via Fort Huachuca.

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