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Photos by Roger Zellmer of Dworshak Dam August 2005

A view from the bottom of the dam.
They were increasing the flow rate for several months so the salmon can make it upstream to spawn.
If this dam was not here It would be an awesome raft run on the NF of Clearwater from Aquarius campground down to the confluence with main Clearwater River. The purpose of the dam was to prevent flood damage in the town of Orofino. It severely disrupted the yearly logging float and salmon spawning. I doubt if it should have been built, but on the positive side it has paid for itself several times over with clean electric power.
The lake is slightly above average height for this time of year.
Close-up of the spillway.
A wire mesh fence keeps logs and debris from entering turbine generators.
Finished with the tour through the dam. Our guide snapped a photo of us.Our next stop was the fish hatchery built downstream to help out with the salmon spawning problem caused by the dam.

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